An Easy Way To Promote Your Linkedin Skills Endorsements

An Easy Way To Promote Your Linkedin Skills Endorsements

Have you been receiving a lot of LinkedIn skills endorsements?

Then make it easy for your profile visitors to know about it by adding the impressive stat to the top of your LinkedIn profile summary. At the same time, add the number of your total LinkedIn recommendations, LinkedIn connections and other impressive information there as well.

Here is what I do on my LinkedIn profile

By adding the numbers at the top of your summary, your LinkedIn profile visitors will be able to view the information “above the fold” (without having to scroll to see it).

  • To add the information, simply total up the numbers of your skills endorsements and recommendations (the system doesn’t do it for you so you will have to manually count them).
  • Click Profile and then Edit Profile.
  • Click Edit next to the word “Summary”.
  • Type the information.
  • Save changes. (I told you it was easy!)

Additional Thoughts

  • Your network is not notified of your summary edits (in case you were worried about that).
  • Update your numbers frequently to keep the information fresh and impressive.
  • Opt to spotlight specific skills. For example: “99 social media endorsements”.
  • Create a LinkedIn recommendation sheet to impress hiring companies. Here’s how.
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Play up your LinkedIn skills endorsements! Doing so can help you … Get a Job!